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welcome to my corner of the www

This is my own little website and blog that I manage. I started maintaining my own website in 2020. I have gone through countless overhauls, so don't be alarmed if my website completely changes one day.

Some fun facts about me...

In my free time, I am a...

Computer science has been my biggest hobby since my middle school years. I love everything to do with computers. I am involved in programming for robotics, machine learning, and web development.

My current development environment consists of:

I run NixOS on my desktop workstation. I also run Arch and OpenSUSE oh my two laptops. I have been running Linux on my computers since 2020 and I do not regret completely switching my workflow over to Linux.

I enjoy learning and creating conlangs well as studying general linguistics in my free time. I can speak toki pona and am currently learning Esperanto.

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